We are an integrated M&A advisory firm for mid-sized businesses, offering the following consulting services:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Financial communications
  • Transaction advisory and corporate succession
  • Post-merger integration

Our advisory concept for mid-sized businesses is unique in Germany in that it combines all aforementioned types of advisory services.

We carefully select project team members according to the required skills and experience: highly specialized corporate finance and business consultants offering intelligent and individualized solutions for your business success.

BELGRANO & CO. Professional, fast, transparent, and cost-efficient.

Strategy consulting

Defining a sensible, feasible business strategy.

BELGRANO & CO develops effective strategies to create profitable growth for your business. We work at eye level with our clients, challenge the current business strategy and identify new strategic opportunities. We add value by developing successful strategies to secure the future of the business.

On this basis, we lay the foundation for future growth, aligning existing action routes to the overall strategy. We focus on improving your company’s long-term profitability.

We conduct market analyses and search assignments in selected industries and sectors. The necessary industry expertise is supplied by our partners and through our extensive consulting network.

BELGRANO & CO. Putting your objectives within reach.

Financial communications

Professional documentation and communication supports business growth.

In many cases, financing of growth requires capital influx. External lenders’ requirements with regard to the scope and quality of information provided have grown over the years.

We can assist and support you through all of the necessary steps, especially:

  • Drafting a business plan
  • Preparing financial information (business administration analyses and annual financial statements)
  • Preparing professional bank reporting documents
  • Moderating bank meetings and negotiations
  • Mapping out a communication strategy for all aspects of financial transactions
  • Exploring public funding available in Germany and the EU

BELGRANO & CO. We create financial security - to reach your long-term growth targets.

Transaction advisory

Seize opportunities, minimize risks.

As soon as we have secured the financing to pursue your growth strategy, you can pursue the implementation phase. Our M&A advisory services focus on growth through investment and acquisitions. We help you participate in activities such as structured sales processes, providing the following advising services:

  • Identification of candidates for acquisition
  • Buy-side advisory
  • Minority and majority investments
  • Company valuations and fairness opinions
  • Market tests
  • Sell-side advisory
  • Corporate succession
  • Asset disposal in restructuring and receivership situations
  • Sales out of insolvency

We cooperate directly with you to coordinate and manage the entire process for you.

Post-merger integration

When two things become one: We walk the extra mile for you.

Advisory services provided during the acquisition process generally end once the purchase agreement is signed – but that’s when the entrepreneur has to get to work on the actual integration process. Ensuring a successful M&A transaction requires systematic, organized cultural and staff integration.

As your transaction advisors, we have seen the relevant details of the target company during the acquisition process. We leverage this insight during the integration phase, unleashing value added.

BELGRANO & CO helps define your integration goals. We support the organic process of becoming an integrated company and advise you on selecting the apt members of the leadership team. Further steps include aligning of employee behavior and interlinking operational business activities.

BELGRANO & CO. Lasting success through structured integration.